Curatorial Internships

Zimmerli Art Museum


Sara B. Green


A large portion of my work on the Voorhees and Sports exhibitions comprised of recording information about each print’s condition. Through referencing various online sources, I learned and implemented in my reports the proper terminology used to describe condition information for works on paper. Condition reporting became the most useful part of my internship, as I see it, since I had previously had no experience in assessing and recording condition information on artworks. Beyond being the most useful component of my internship in developing my skillset, I also view it as the most enjoyable one, as it allowed me to spend a large amount of time looking closely at the works.

Working as the Summer 2014 IFPDA Intern at the Zimmerli’s Morse Center for Graphic Arts provided me with many opportunities to encounter, study, and engage with prints in person, which I would not have otherwise had. The knowledge that I gained through this internship will stick with me as I continue my graduate studies in art history, and I am thoroughly looking forward to other opportunities that I may have to work with prints in the future.