Curatorial Internships

The Baltimore Museum of Art



The intern will be expected to take an active, hands-on role in the Museum’s planning for exhibitions and collection research. The intern will work independently with prints in the BMA’s collection and therefore will be trained in the proper handling, housing, and care of prints, as needed, and in the BMA’s policies and procedures. The intern will learn how to use the Museum’s collection management database (TMS), and be expected to conduct independent research on the collection. Together with the supervising curators, the intern will assess the prints’ techniques, condition, and suitability for specific exhibitions.

The intern will be exposed to the BMA’s early planning stages for relocating the PDP collection from the closed third door to a new center, dedicated specifically to public display and access. The intern will have the opportunity to learn about the Museum’s efforts to make its collection readily available to a wider visitorship – of paramount importance to the BMA’s recently revised mission that emphasizes access and inclusivity. The intern will also benefit from a number of local opportunities for learning, such as resources at the neighboring Johns Hopkins University and other cultural institutions in Baltimore.