Curatorial Internships

St. Louis Mercantile Library at UMSL


Brittany Taylor


This internship was invaluable to my academic and professional career. This opportunity enabled me to add to my foundation of experience and knowledge relating to the visual art world. The skills I was taught expanded my appreciation of fine art prints and helped me further understand the importance of their presence in the visual art world. This internship also served as a realization that having a background in studio art was extremely helpful and can be utilized in a curatorial and historical setting. I found that my creative instinct helped me complete each task and also aided in the realization of the importance of what I was doing. The projects also helped me to approach artworks with a curatorial mindset of how art holds a significant importance to society and culture. Overall, this internship was pivotal to my professional and academic career because it has assisted in my definite decision to attend a graduate program in the visual arts and helped me accumulate knowledge and experience with works on paper.