Curatorial Internships

National Gallery of Ireland


Jillian Kruse


My work as a Curatorial Intern at the National Gallery of Ireland has been incredibly rewarding and I have experienced tremendous academic and professional growth. When I began my internship, I was only vaguely aware of prints and I was completely unaware of their importance to both art and history. The Lalor Collection was an ideal project for someone to cultivate a greater understanding and appreciation of prints and printmaking. Spanning seven centuries and featuring a variety of prints and print techniques from across Europe, the Lalor Collection itself serves as a microcosm of the history of European printmaking.

With the encouragement and guidance of Anne Hodge, Curator of Prints & Drawings, I was able to undertake a larger project which included further cataloguing work, research, and the preparation of interpretive text for an exhibition. I was able to simultaneously develop practical skills, enhance my own knowledge of prints, and provide the gallery with a wealth of information regarding these recent acquisitions. Additionally, working directly with a curator was a fascinating and invaluable experience which gave me further insight into the management, study, and exhibition of prints as well as the role of museums and galleries in regards to the public. Perhaps most significantly, this experience has stimulated a keen interest in prints and printmaking that I intend to carry over into my research and my prospective career in the cultural sector.