Curatorial Internships

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


Maria Shevelkina


Studying and working with prints in an object-based setting was especially rewarding, sparking a serious interest in prints that will hopefully carry over to future graduate studies in art history. Being surrounded by curators, curatorial assistants, other fellows and interns, collections managers, conservators, and many museum employees provided the opportunity to see the inner-workings and interconnections of the institution. The connections I established with my mentors were crucial to my development throughout the program and will remain essential as I move along my career path in curatorial work. The prints and drawings study room, where I was located and spent much of my working time, allowed me to be constantly surrounded at close proximity by prints from various projects happening at the museum. I hope to take my broad and specific gained knowledge and experience of the encyclopedic institution on to other types of positions and graduate school, having greater confidence of my desired objectives and growth.