Curatorial Internships

Library Company of Philadelphia


Alison Van Denend


My main responsibilities included cataloging a selection of drawings, watercolors, genre prints and portraits. I also assisted in producing a detailed inventory of the newly acquired Joe Freedman Collection of Philadelphia Ephemera, reorganized the collection of WWI Posters, created files for unaccessioned works, and wrote content for the Library Company’s social media platforms. These various projects both affirmed my passion for American graphic arts and gave me new skills that I will be able to use as I work toward my goal of becoming a print curator. I am especially grateful for the training I received in MARC cataloging; a marketable skill that will benefit me as I seek full time employment. The chance to interact with this amazing collection of prints was a true pleasure and studying them was both informative and inspiring.

I cannot emphasize enough the caliber of the staff in the Library Company’s Print Department. Sarah Weatherwax, Erika Piola, and Nicole Joniec were generous with their time and expertise, and served as amazing mentors during this internship. I am especially grateful for their willingness to share their knowledge and their investment in the success of my time at the Library Company. I look forward to staying in contact with them as colleagues throughout my career.