Curatorial Internships

Harvard Art Museums


Jaeun Cabelle Ahn


During my internship, I have catalogued close to two thousand seventeenth-to nineteenth-century French prints of various media ranging from chiaroscuro woodcut to mezzotint. For each of the prints, I have added or corrected measurements, artist attributions, dates, and titles, and found existing reference bibliography when applicable. Additionally, I researched print states for upcoming rotations of prints in the Harvard Art Museum galleries and put together two rotations of eighteenth-century prints that will be exhibited in the painting galleries in the upcoming years. My academic specialization lies in eighteenth-century French drawings, but in this period, prints were the primary vehicles through which the market for eighteenth-century drawings flourished and stimulated the rise of new printmaking techniques that imitated drawings.

As such, this internship gave me an invaluable chance to expand my visual repertoire and to thoroughly acquaint myself with printing techniques in my period of study. Additionally, working with a single museum further enabled me to become conscious of the strengths and weaknesses of a collection as well as excavate little known prints that I will continue to work on in my graduate studies.