Curatorial Internships

Davis Museum at Wellesley College


Somé Louis


My internship presented valuable perspectives and experiences on the museum world. As a curatorial intern, I worked on one main project during the internship, which involved curating the works on paper case in the Dutch and Flemish Baroque gallery. I appreciated the opportunity to not only closely interact and research works on paper, but to also gain curatorial experience.

Throughout the internship, I worked closely with my supervisor, Claire Whitner, Assistant Director of Curatorial Affairs/Senior Curator of Collections. She consistently provided me with valuable feedback in our weekly meetings, assisting me with text editing and research planning. I will be continuing work under Claire in the upcoming year at Wellesley, and I am confident that I will be working on projects with the greatest support.

In my reflection on the program, I really appreciated the ability to gain a wide perspective on the vast number of roles in the art world, and more specifically, the museum. It was valuable to see the inner workings of a museum, and how they vary across institutions. As a student majoring in both art history and studio art, I was constantly excited by my ability to see so much art during the program as well! While I was already considering museum work before the program, the internship has solidified my interests, as well as given me a diverse view on the different roles I should explore in the art world.