Curatorial Internships

Chrysler Museum of Art


Nikki Otten


My primary role was to assess the contents and condition of the museum’s print collection, one of the first steps towards the Chrysler’s goal of opening a print study room. Working with my supervisor, Brock Curator of American Art Alex Mann. I examined each print to determine the printmaking technique, type of paper and dimensions, and I updated the object’s record in the Museum System (TMS). In addition to assessing the print collection, I designed a rotation of nightmarish prints for the Romanticism gallery. Alex and I chose a location within the museum where a display of prints would work both aesthetically and thematically. I wrote didactic labels for each object, as well as a description of the rotation. Beyond this exhibition, the Chrysler plans to continue displaying prints in the galleries more frequently.

As the IFPDA Curatorial Intern in Prints, I was given freedom for research related to the Chrysler’s collection as well as guidance and mentorship from Alex and other members of the Chrysler staff. I attended conversations with community members providing feedback on a proposed show, exhibition planning and design meetings, weekly curatorial meetings, tours, and all-staff events. My internship at the Chrysler helped me to not only learn more about printmaking, but also gain a better understanding of the curatorial profession. I am grateful to the IFPDA for funding this opportunity, and to Alex Mann and the Chrysler for creating an experience that was welcoming, memorable and enriching.