Curatorial Internships

Baltimore Museum of Art


Jesse Feiman


Most importantly, this internship renewed my enthusiasm for working with objects. Although I am very happy at MIT, the institute lacks a substantial print collection within which I can study. At the BMA, I was able to access materials that directly related to my coursework and dissertation research. With the support for the IFPDA Foundation grant, I was able to advance in my goals for school and to learn about unfamiliar material. At the outset of the internship, I had only cursory knowledge of war posters and had worked with posters infrequently. Their presence, even at a desk in the vault, was enough to compel me to research as well as catalogue the posters for which I was responsible. My supervisor, Dr. Rena Hoisington, was generous with her time and support throughout the project. Her advice and her expertise helped me to gain a clearer view of the responsibilities of museum curator. (Although that may seem self-evident, it is not the sort of lesson one receives in most art history PhD programs.) I am very grateful for the scholarly and professional development which the IFPDA Foundation grant enabled.