The IFPDA Foundation was established by the International Fine Print Dealers Association in 2009 to inspire and support educational projects aimed at fostering connoisseurship in the field of fine prints for a new generation of collectors, curators, and specialists. Its annual grants program provides direct financial support to exhibitions and scholarly projects that cultivate a deeper understanding of prints and their value as an art form. In 2014, the Foundation initiated its Curatorial Internship Program which funds internships in museum print collections.


IFPDA Foundation Board of Directors

Robert K. Newman, Board President 
Diane Villani,
Vice President 
David Cleaton-Roberts

Hersh Cohen
Leslie Garfield
Tara K. Reddi
Jordan Schnitzer
Susan Teller
Roberta Waddell
David Tunick,
Ex officio



David Gursky
Executive Director

Kirsten Flaherty
Administrative Assistant